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I am extremely annoyed. Why won't you shut up? Why won't you stop bothering me? You text me hundreds of messages in a few hours and I don't respond to ANY of the extremely awkward and inappropriate things you say. If that's not a clue that I am not interested, you should have known when I said "I'm not interested".

To make matters worse, you are supposed to be my superior. That means I am supposed to trust you and follow your orders. Awesome. Alls I have to say is I am just WAITING for you to piss me off SO BAD that I am forced to show some one with a lot of rank all the backed up text messages from you. I don't want or intend to get you in trouble. The only way that will happen is if you bring it upon yourself. I hope you don't, but I'm not going to warn you again. If you are seriously so dumb that you don't realize the major character flaws you are portraying by doing this, you deserve every bit of punishment you will get. Even though I know it would most likely involve you losing your job. If it comes to that, it's because you deserve it. So don't make me.

There are several things I am passionate about. One of those happens to be one of my jobs. I will not let any retard screw that up for me. Especially this retard.

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here's hoping this is all fixed ;) haven't heard from her...have you heard from him?

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