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My Favorite Apps
What are your favorite web or mobile apps? Which ones do you use everyday?

wow. my favorite mobile app for sure is the calorie counter on my tmobile phone.

i put in everything i eat for the day, and it stores the calorie, protein, and carb amount. also, i plug in all the activities i do that day, and it figures out how many calories i burn in a day. then, i can compare my calorie intake to how many i actually burn. also, i can put in the activities that i know i will be doing ahead of time, then based on my goal of how many extra calories i want to burn in a day, i can decide what i will eat a whole lot easier. in addition to all this, i sort of guilt myself into not eating certain things. when i look up how many calories are in some servings, i cant bring myself to actually eat it.

im italian. i love food. correction, i love food that tastes good. i guess this app is sort of bittersweet in the sense that it makes me feel bad about eating things like chipotle, macaroni and cheese, chips, french fries, meat, ice cream, candy, pasta...yes, the app is amazing in that it does what it is suppoed to do. it logs everything i eat and do. it just sucks that i can not let myself eat some of the things i enjoy the most.

its almost like im scared to let myself eat whatever i want...


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