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my tummy hurts.
This was my day:

Woke up
Went to Mad Mex to watch the game with some awesome people
Drank 44oz of marg
OSU beat Michigan =]
Hung out with Alex until he had to work
Lost my phone
Passed out around 5
Woke up at 9:45 pm
Found my phone
Went to my parents' house
Hung out
Ate eggs

I feel like that last part is very important considering that's all I consumed today, not counting alcohol. Well, I guess I did have a couple chips during the game, but I feel like they don't count. Those eggs were seriously so amazing though.

Oh yeah. By the way, I totally took care of the problem at my unit. Well more like the problem from my unit...Anyway, I told that creeper that I have two options. My first option is to work it out with him, which means he needs to transfer out of my unit. My second option is to deal with this the way I'm supposed to. That means telling my 1SG (the enlisted man in charge of the unit), which would result in the creeper getting most or all of his rank taken away for sexual harassment. He said he would switch units and hasn't bothered me since.


I think I'm still hungry.


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