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kyrgyzstan, day 50ish?
whew. im losing track of the days....
sorry i havent wrote in here in awhile, i guess i had been doing more stuff as opposed to just sitting on my bed in the barracks waiting to be told to do something lol.
anyway, i am in kyrgyzstan right now! whoa, i know, crazy stuff. kyrgyzstan is 10 hours ahead of my normal time, so im a little bit jet lagged, but its not too bad.
basically, i slept about 80% of the time on the flights over here...we had about a 2-hour delay at mcguire af base because the genius pilot taxied us off the runway and we had to get towed out of the grass. i was asleep for that, but wow, pretty hilarious.
when we landed here, it was sleeting, but that quickly turned to snow, and now we have like 4 inches of snow, and its still going strong! dont get me wrong, its beautiful...theres only one problem: its freezing cold! we were told to pack a 72hour bag as our carryon, which i did, but i did not pack ANY cold weather gear. i tossed in a pair of gloves as an afterthought, and holy crap...
so i am a bit chilly, but no big deal. we were hoping to be here for like one day, but i guess our timelines have shifted due to weather. hopefully we will leave after like 3 days, but who knows.
i hope this makes sense, im getting ridiculously tired again...and i feel like this is the most scatter-brained thing ever. i know that i should just go back through and read it buuuuut....this is the order my brain crapped it out in...
i am at the mwr here, and i caan hear people playing pool in the next room over...i may have to do some of that later, pool is pretty fun. anyway, i hope things are good over there.

p.s. DOWNLOAD SKYPE!!! i wanna talk to you :(


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