kyrgyzstan, day 50ish?
whew. im losing track of the days....
sorry i havent wrote in here in awhile, i guess i had been doing more stuff as opposed to just sitting on my bed in the barracks waiting to be told to do something lol.
anyway, i am in kyrgyzstan right now! whoa, i know, crazy stuff. kyrgyzstan is 10 hours ahead of my normal time, so im a little bit jet lagged, but its not too bad.
basically, i slept about 80% of the time on the flights over here...we had about a 2-hour delay at mcguire af base because the genius pilot taxied us off the runway and we had to get towed out of the grass. i was asleep for that, but wow, pretty hilarious.
when we landed here, it was sleeting, but that quickly turned to snow, and now we have like 4 inches of snow, and its still going strong! dont get me wrong, its beautiful...theres only one problem: its freezing cold! we were told to pack a 72hour bag as our carryon, which i did, but i did not pack ANY cold weather gear. i tossed in a pair of gloves as an afterthought, and holy crap...
so i am a bit chilly, but no big deal. we were hoping to be here for like one day, but i guess our timelines have shifted due to weather. hopefully we will leave after like 3 days, but who knows.
i hope this makes sense, im getting ridiculously tired again...and i feel like this is the most scatter-brained thing ever. i know that i should just go back through and read it buuuuut....this is the order my brain crapped it out in...
i am at the mwr here, and i caan hear people playing pool in the next room over...i may have to do some of that later, pool is pretty fun. anyway, i hope things are good over there.

p.s. DOWNLOAD SKYPE!!! i wanna talk to you :(

fuck yeah that just happened. fuuuuck yeah. where's my goddamn sister when I reeeaaallyy need to talk to her about something this minute? can't WAIT til she's outa basic!!! don't even know.

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I'm starting to realize that I was raised very differently than most. It's not just me, though. I've noticed it with all my siblings as well. Something about our upbringing really taught us to go the extra mile for the people we care about. Great news for anyone dating a Pelino, but it sucks balls when you're the one bending over backwards for someone who just takes it without any type of reciprocation. It's not that I do things in anticipation of my boyfriend doing nice things back, I just do things because I care. And because I care, I get a drink when you're thirsty, grab the check when I know you're low on money, see your friends when I'd rather be doing anything else, etc. Its just that I feel like almost every guy I date was raised in such a way that it causes drastic differences in the way we view simple yet major things in life.

and how am I ever supposed to be 100% content with any man I date in life? I may be shooting for the goddamn stars here, but I want to live my life the happiest I can. that includes being with someone who not only is happy to be with me and can make me happy, but who actually is able to keep up with me as well.

"keep up with me." let me expand on that. I go through life at 100mph. that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, that just means I don't make a habit out of "lazying" around, or take more time than is necessary to complete any given task. on the contrary, I move twice as fast as most people, completing tasks as fast as humanly possible in most cases. not that everyone has to move at superspeed, but you gotta be able to move faster than old people fuck. step two: keep up with me conversationaly (I think I made that word up). if you loose track/interest of what I'm saying four sentences in, then shit!! I enjoy talking, but I like conversing even better. I don't wanna say something just to have you pay zero attention the entire time.

and I have to get out my opinion of add/adhd right now. im not hating on anybody, but shit, over half of America could technically be diagnosed with add/adhd. in my personal opinion, those diagnoses are just an excuse for poor motivation or a lack of self discipline. I think that sums it up nicely, and there should be no need to go into any more detail.

but honestly, at what point does a person have to succumb to the temptation to settle down with a man who falls short of your dreams and expectations? especially when they are as unrealistic as mine. I know I didn't go into as much detail here as I should've in order to portray the whole picture, but in the end, it comes down to this. I am not like anyone you ever have/will meet. there are a lot of things about me that people may consider strange or over the top. if I was a building, I'd be ridiculously extravagant. Balconies, winding staircases, giant windows, beautiful stone exterior, huge wraparound porch, lovely lawn, ceilings seemingly in the sky, intricate interior, every inch of wood carved ever so carefully, wood banisters, trim, even some furniture... I could go on forever. But I won't. Basically, it comes down to this. Maybe I'm the psycho one. Maybe I'm the weirdo. But whatever the case, I am loosing faith that there is anyone perfect for me out there. I know that no one is perfect, but in the eyes of someone else they can be. Maybe my vision is just too sharp.

my tummy hurts.
This was my day:

Woke up
Went to Mad Mex to watch the game with some awesome people
Drank 44oz of marg
OSU beat Michigan =]
Hung out with Alex until he had to work
Lost my phone
Passed out around 5
Woke up at 9:45 pm
Found my phone
Went to my parents' house
Hung out
Ate eggs

I feel like that last part is very important considering that's all I consumed today, not counting alcohol. Well, I guess I did have a couple chips during the game, but I feel like they don't count. Those eggs were seriously so amazing though.

Oh yeah. By the way, I totally took care of the problem at my unit. Well more like the problem from my unit...Anyway, I told that creeper that I have two options. My first option is to work it out with him, which means he needs to transfer out of my unit. My second option is to deal with this the way I'm supposed to. That means telling my 1SG (the enlisted man in charge of the unit), which would result in the creeper getting most or all of his rank taken away for sexual harassment. He said he would switch units and hasn't bothered me since.


I think I'm still hungry.

so im at my old army recruiters office with my sister, and its totally making me wanna go active duty...sorry just saying its tempting! doesnt mean im leaving you anytime soon. just saying...

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So I had drill this weekend. It really wasn't bad, other than the fact that I was almost late both days, and ULTRA tired the entire weekend. But I am entirely to blame, and all I can really think is how fortunate I am that I didn't miss first formation.

We inventoried EVERY piece of equipment in my unit. It was a long weekend, and occasionally frustrating. Overall though, I enjoyed myself. I'm getting closer with the other soldiers in my unit, and I have come to like most of them. Things are still a little awkward with the guy at my unit. I just feel weird around him. I tried avoiding him, but I know that only made me come off as rude. I am not interested in him AT ALL. Ihave told him this several times. It's just that every time he is around me I feel all gross and disgusted. I think about the things he has said to me and it is next to impossible for me to forget about it. I feel like I am doing a really good job, but I know it isn't good enough. I will never be able to trust him again, and I will never feel completely safe and/or comfortable around him. In the back of my mind, I will always be thinking about how sick he is. In the crevices of my ears I will continue to hear his disgusting words...and in the eyes of my mind....I don't even want to go there. I think I should end this by saying I really, really, REALLY don't like this situation.

On a different note, I have developed an extremely bad habit of speeding. I don't mean speeding as in a few over the limit, I mean speeding as in 100+ mph. Considering both my rear tires are bald and little pieces appear to be missing from the inner sides of the tires....I truly do scare myself a little when I drive that fast. Even though it is nerve-racking because I don't want to wreck, stressful because I don't want to be late, and risky because I would hate to get a speeding ticket; part of me definitely gets a little rush when I drive that fast. It's nice to know some rules do not apply.

I am extremely annoyed. Why won't you shut up? Why won't you stop bothering me? You text me hundreds of messages in a few hours and I don't respond to ANY of the extremely awkward and inappropriate things you say. If that's not a clue that I am not interested, you should have known when I said "I'm not interested".

To make matters worse, you are supposed to be my superior. That means I am supposed to trust you and follow your orders. Awesome. Alls I have to say is I am just WAITING for you to piss me off SO BAD that I am forced to show some one with a lot of rank all the backed up text messages from you. I don't want or intend to get you in trouble. The only way that will happen is if you bring it upon yourself. I hope you don't, but I'm not going to warn you again. If you are seriously so dumb that you don't realize the major character flaws you are portraying by doing this, you deserve every bit of punishment you will get. Even though I know it would most likely involve you losing your job. If it comes to that, it's because you deserve it. So don't make me.

There are several things I am passionate about. One of those happens to be one of my jobs. I will not let any retard screw that up for me. Especially this retard.

My Favorite Apps
What are your favorite web or mobile apps? Which ones do you use everyday?

wow. my favorite mobile app for sure is the calorie counter on my tmobile phone.

i put in everything i eat for the day, and it stores the calorie, protein, and carb amount. also, i plug in all the activities i do that day, and it figures out how many calories i burn in a day. then, i can compare my calorie intake to how many i actually burn. also, i can put in the activities that i know i will be doing ahead of time, then based on my goal of how many extra calories i want to burn in a day, i can decide what i will eat a whole lot easier. in addition to all this, i sort of guilt myself into not eating certain things. when i look up how many calories are in some servings, i cant bring myself to actually eat it.

im italian. i love food. correction, i love food that tastes good. i guess this app is sort of bittersweet in the sense that it makes me feel bad about eating things like chipotle, macaroni and cheese, chips, french fries, meat, ice cream, candy, pasta...yes, the app is amazing in that it does what it is suppoed to do. it logs everything i eat and do. it just sucks that i can not let myself eat some of the things i enjoy the most.

its almost like im scared to let myself eat whatever i want...

Alright. so this is my first journal entry, and I'm not ENTIRELY sure what this livejournal thing is all bout, but I wanted to start keeping track of my thoughts, and so I figured this was the best way to go. As far as I'm concerned, not a soul could ever read these and I wouldn't give two shits. I'm doing this for myself.

I am looking forward to drill this weekend. I told one of my SGTs about wanting to deploy with the next PSYOP unit going anywhere, and he told me volunteering for deployments would be addressed at the NOV drill. I really want to deploy. I need to deploy. Yes, I want to go to college, but at the same time, I signed up for the Army to do things. Not just to take advantage of all the amazing benefits. I have a sort of tentative plan for how I would like the next five years to go. Ideally, I would deploy in the beginning of 2010 and get back just before fall classes start at OSU, but honestly, that'd be cutting it close. Anyway, I would most likely be back in the states towards the end of 2010, and then start winter quarter at OSU. All my classes would be paid for because the Post 9/11 GI Bill is fucking awesome. I want to study military science, but I haven't decided yet if ROTC is the way to go.

If I do go through the ROTC program, my plan would be to deny commission when it comes time for that decision (junior year I think??). Nothing against officers, I just don't see myself being one. I would finish the program, however, and so even though I would not have the officer's pay or rank, I would have all the same military knowledge. At this time, my original enlisted contract would be coming to an end. I most likely would reenlist, but I can't be sure if I would stay reserves or switch to active duty. It's obviously tough to tell what will happen five years from now, especially in my personal life. Obviously there are several things that would greatly affect my decisions for my military career. The other thing I am unsure of is if i would reclass when I reenlist. PSYOP seems pretty sweet, but if I had to choose any other MOS I'm almost positive it would be Combat Support Military Police. I'm pretty sure five more years of military experience and thinking will be sufficient enough for me to make a decision when the time comes.


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